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Böla Race

Ahh the memories....and the embarrassment :)
As far as i remember this was the second real program i made (first one was some text-mode calculator)...and such is the quality of it :)
I wrote this thing back in 97 when i was 14 and had just started programming with Turbo Pascal and this is the first thing i wrote that used a graphics-mode and has a slight resemblence of something someone might call gameplay.
The idea was stolen from the snake game, only in my game you steer a car and have to chase numbers in the right sequence. Wow :)

Here is a screenshot of it:

Böla Race

Looks great, doesn't it? :)
Starting this program again after it had been rotting on some disk for 6 years gave me a good laugh (and reading the readme file i wrote for it made me laugh even more), but i put this up here only for fun, and you shouldn't d/l it since it's all in german, needs a DOS-window and runs unplayable fast on any computer with more then 120MHz and just really really sucks...but if you still want to see it...Go ahead :)

Oh yes, and if you're wondering what the hell Böla means...nothing! It's just some stupid made-up word a friend and i used to say as a universal comment to about anyything and find it funny...heh we were kids ok :)

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