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Tutorials and Programming relatet articles

Programming Tips & Tricks My collection of Tips/Tricks/little known facts for C++, C# and other programming related topics
BMP Tutorial This tutorial covers saving/loading bitmaps and handling their data

Funny Old Code

SML BrainFuck Interpreter A BrainFuck Interpreter written in SML!
Obfuscated SML BrainFuck The obfuscated BF Interpreter in SML. Open with editor/notepad or something similar with equal spacing for characters and whitespaces, word/wordpad will destroy this wonderful piece of ASCII art :)
fixed SML BrainFuck Interpreter There are some bf progs ( etc) which only work on a char array that wraps around to -127 after 128 which isn't the case with the SML int values i had to use so this version fixes this with conditionals and runs 99 bottles of beer on the wall fine

Crystal Growing my Crystal-Growing page
Fractals some nice fractal images
Quotes my favourite quotes

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