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Runicsoft Function Parser

The Runicsoft Function Parser (fomerly known as Mindfly function parser, or MFFParser) is a class that can evaluate mathematical functions.
It is especially suitable for tasks like building graphs from a function, since it doesn't just interpret
functions, but compiles them internally to a tree-like data structure that can then be traversed in a fraction of the time needed to parse the function.
Now it is possible to change the values of variables and evaluate the function without the overhead of parsing the function again!

Some features:
- Functions of virtually unlimited length can be evaluated
- unlimited nesting via brackets: '( )', '{ }' and '[ ]' brackets are allowed
- automatic handling of integer and double types
- 26 variables ( 'a' to 'z' ) can be assigned values and used in a function
- supported operators: +, -, *, /, ^
- sin, cos, tan, sinh, cosh, tanh, log, logh, sqrt, abs and rnd
- really fast evaluation
- automatic checking for unknown or mistyped expressions

So it is very possible to evaluate functions like

And the best thing: full source (good commented) is available!
The .zip comes with full source, a test program, a VC++5 workspace, a more detailed document of the features and the runicsoft source code licence.

Since some time ago someone who coded in Fortran wanted to use the parser i also made a .dll version available which can be used from within almost any language. It comes with .dll, .lib, a short header which can easily be translated into other languages and a detailed manual.

Pick your download:
Function parser source
Function parser DLL version

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