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I've long been fascinated by fractals (actually i own and often wear a t-shirt with the mandelbrot set on it) so i've decided to do a small prog to draw some myself....perhaps i'll add some userfriendlyness to the program later and put it up here for download, but for now here are some nice pictures to show the coolness of fractals :)

The first images all show the Mandelbrot set or a zooming in, the last 3 images show julia sets, and i generated the last one with a different fractal function ( Z(n) = Z(n-1)^4 + C instead of Z(n-1)^2 + C )
I especially like picture 10 which shows the self-similarity of fractals really good :)
More images will be added later (*this is not an actual promise* :) )

Unfortunately the images losse quite some detail when compressing to jpg, so here they are in their original bmp format:
Fractal2 Fractal3 Fractal4 Fractal5 Fractal6 Fractal7 Fractal8 Fractal9 Fractal10 Fractal11

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