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Isometric Engine

This is a little isometric engine i wrote 3 years or so ago. It is based on DirectDraw 7 and was among my first adventures into DirectX :)
I designed it to handle maps of arbitrary size and with arbitrary height levels and to find the exact tile below the cursor. It runs at maximum framerate (screen vsync) no matter how big the map is.

In the executable a big random map is generated and with the left mousebutton you can plant/remove trees.

And i actually worked out all the formulas i used in the code (for finding the right tile to draw, occlusion, selecting the tile below the cursor, finding the position for the 'walls' etc.) by hand on paper...i still have the drawings and calculations and if i find the time i'll scan them in :)

The iso engine comes with full source, VC++ project and compiled executable
Download it here


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