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Perlin Noise Generator

The NoiseGen is a nice little program to build some procedural textures based on perlin noise.
The programm itself renders textures up to 512x512 and can save them to bmp, jpg and an internal format ("noisefile") that is only a couple bytes in size and holds the values to exactly recreate the image.
Please note that the program utilizes the Intel JPG library to export the textures in .jpg format.

I also released the source, but don't expect too much since i threw it together quite fast, especially the interface, for which i used the MFC..and well it's impossible to have clean code when using the MFC... :)
Also i didn't comment it much and there are some lines in can ignore them, they are inserted automatically by the AppWhiz.
All the interesting stuff is in PerlinNoise.h/.cpp

Download it here: Runicsoft Perlin noise Generator

Some example outputs:

noise1.jpg noise2.jpg
noise3.jpg noise4.jpg

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